Employment Equity Policy for SGB-Cape Scaffolding Systems
Date Initiated: 1.08.2000
Date Revised:

Statement of Intent

SGB-Cape Scaffolding Systems is committed to recruiting quality people who will give the company a competitive advantage, to developing those employees who will play a significant role in the company’s future and encouraging all employees to develop their potential and their careers.

Within this policy framework, and taking into account the patterns of structured disadvantage created by apartheid, the Company is committed to the active implementation of Employment Equity strategies. The Company accepts that unless special interventions are made, the pattern of disadvantage already created will tend to replicate themselves to the detriment of the Company and the country as a whole.

The Company introduces Employment and Occupational Equity in the short and medium term as an equitable way of enabling disadvantaged persons discriminated against by the political system in the past, to make use of opportunities which would otherwise not have been within their reach.

Employment and Occupational Equity will be handled with firmness as well as sensitivity. Others will not be disadvantaged in the process.

Mission Statement

In the Company, people from historically disadvantaged groups will be represented in all positions of skill and responsibility within the next five years in pursuance of the Company’s role as a socially responsible employer.


The Company will appoint and develop people with potential at all levels of its business drawing on the best skills available from all race groups, in order to ensure a sustainable competitive advantage both now and in the future.

Within the policy the Company will address the issue of employees from historically
disadvantaged groups who can play a significant role in the Company’s future success.

The Company will therefore pay particular attention to the employment of those persons who have been socially, economically and educationally disadvantaged.


4.1 Clear Employment Equity Objectives will be set by each Divisional Manager. A progress report for each department will be submitted to the Managing Director every quarter.

4.2 Employment Equity will be monitored on a quarterly basis by an Employment Equity and Training Committee as per the Constitution. The Committee will elect a chairperson.

4.3 A mentorship programme will facilitate the integration of employees from historically disadvantaged groups into the company. The Divisional Manager will nominate a person to assist mentors with developmental problems and the mentorship programme will be closely monitored to ensure that mentors do not neglect the development of their proteges.

4.4 Recruitment and Selection will be conducted on two fronts:

4.4.1 Internal development of employees

The Company will place special emphasis on an identification process which will accurately identify and select appropriate employees with the necessary abilities and potential. Any decision taken to promote or develop an employee will be based on non-discriminatory criteria. To this end clear job descriptions and job standards will be established.

Training, education and development programmes will be embarked on to give all employees within the company an opportunity to develop appropriate skills. This process will occur in collaboration with Line Management and the candidate. All concerned should be committed to the programme. Emphasis will be placed on skills and literacy training. Mentoring and networking programmes and systems will be used to develop employees. Tools for continuous learning and job performance need to be available.

When candidates are equal, or there is only marginal difference in terms of the primary job requirements as contained in the job description and one is from a historically disadvantaged group, he/she must be given preference.

4.4.2 Recruitment

Directors will ensure that deliberate efforts are made to recruit candidates from the historically disadvantaged groups in pursuance of their objectives as per 4.1. Recruiters will make every effort to recruit from a diverse pool of applicants.
Any form of discrimination will not be tolerated. Therefore, appropriate advertising should not exclude any groups from making application for the position, and it should be ensured that the advert is easily accessible to all groups. The company will ensure that the choice of recruitment agencies and media are aligned with Employment Equity principles.

  • In addition to this, criteria for selection of employees should not be discriminatory: where possible qualifications and language should not be considered barriers to employment unless the candidate does not ”measure up” to the job requirements.

  • The potential of applicants to do the job will be assessed. Psychometric tests that are culturally unfair will be avoided.

  • Medical testing will not be used unless it forms part of the inherent requirement of the job, or forms part of the employment conditions.

  • Once employed, the employee must be remunerated fairly according to current salary scales and wage agreements.

  • Performance Appraisal systems will be monitored for unfair discrimination.

4.5 The services of an employee will not be terminated for the purpose of making way for an appointment of someone from a historically disadvantaged group.

4.6 Should any ”lay offs” become necessary, the company’s agreed upon retrenchment policy will be followed.

4.7 Company and departmental induction programmes, and appropriate individual development plans (including both on-the-job and formal training) will be implemented by Line Managers for all these recruits.

4.8 The Training Manager in collaboration with the incumbent and his superior will identify and assist in remedial training.

4.9 The Company undertakes to review grievance procedures to ensure that complaints of harassment are dealt with sensitively and effectively.

4.10 The incumbent will be subject to the normal rules applicable to all employees.

4.11 All other aspects of the existing recruitment procedure will apply.

4.12 Career plans and succession plans, in line with Employment Equity practices will be developed within the company.

4.13 HR policies will be reviewed to ensure compliance and fairness with Employment Equity.

4.14 Facilities of the company will be audited to ensure that they do not discriminate against disabled employees.



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